Mobile website design

We shall develop for businesses the optimal web version for smartphones while the trend they prevail than traditional computers.

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The difference of displays on mobile screens about content, size, arrangement, technology when website browsing has not been optimized for smartphones, iPhones, iPads by mobile phones & computers.


On computers

On mobile phones
1 Content Not all content
2 Flash video Has not been supported by mobile browsers & equipment
3 Flash Has not been supported by mobile browsers & equipment
4 Java Script & Ajax Has not been supported by mobile equipment
5 Links

Due to different screen sizes, accessing to links is not easy sometimes

6 Big boxes

Loose structure, inside structures can not be accessed

  Clear display, appropriate with computers

Characters too small to read


The most modern website design technologies are supported

Has not been supported by mobile equipment

Browsing on smartphones with unoptimised website

Browsing on smartphones with optimised website


Optimal features of website version for smartphones



An optimal website for smartphones has following features::

All display content, images can be increased on request.

Sizes of linking addresses & buttons suitable for finger touch.

Easy to view & access links by scrolling up & down, sliding menu bar to quick access to relevant information.





Choosing the best mobile website sample

Designing website is not as simply as transfer all content to new mobile website. Businesses have to know customers’ customs, needs & answer the question: “When, how, why customers want to contact my businesses via mobile telephones, customers prefer best on this website …”.

We shall consult, introduce some suitable samples & support businesses in choosing the best.

E. g. as a restaurant, try a sample with a logo, a short message describing its speciality like “Japanese course”, a vivid photo at the best position of the restaurant & feature buttons for users like:

Booking by telephones.

Booking by emails.

Menus & prices.