Brandname SMS

Messages to mobile telephones with businesses’ full brandnames instead of a telephone number, helping to identify with spam messages & increasing recognition level & customer fidelity to businesses.

This is a way to transfer business’ information to target customers fastest, helping businesses to deploy marketing & customer care programs effectively with low expenses.


SMS without brandnames



- Sends to mobile telephones of all networks.

- Each SMS has maximum of 160 characters. Over 1 considered as a new one.

- SMS fees: 400 VND/ SMS.


Brandname SMS



- Sends to mobile telephones of all networks.

- Brandname under 11 characters.

- SMS content:

•  Advertising SMS: for Viettel: 120 characters, other networks: under 160 characters (including spaces, advertising codes on top & direction to decline at the end, according to law). Over 1 considered as a new one.

•  Customer care SMS:  maximum of 160 characters for all networks.

- SMS fees: 1100 VND/ SMS (Viettel), 800 VND/ SMS (other networks).

- Sent SMS content has to conform with current rules of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Note: Above prices do not include VAT. Customers supply telephone numbers to send SMS. If businesses rent YPM’s mobile telephones according to their requests, YPM will quote later.



Advantage of Brandname SMS


Time saving. A SMS can be sent to thousands of customers within some minutes. Expenses are lower comparing to other advertising channels.

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