Multimedia Marketing


High-quality videos can be used for TV broadcasts, made by creative & professional film-makers.

Scriptwriting and voiceovers.
Flexible  period on requests.
Record on-spot at places where businesses request
 Produce videos

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High – quality videos to be broadcasted on TV

With premium videos, businesses will have a high-quality video can be used on TV or displayed on large screens at tradeshows or exhibitions with the most suitable expenses.

Professional film-makers

Project director, filming department, editor, graphic specialists will ensure businesses’ videos to be produced by the highest standard. Businesses will have a direct working session with our project director to discuss about businesses’ requests & build ideas, ensuring outstandingness & uniqueness.
Videos will be executed to gain colours & HD photos, suitable for large screen displays at tradeshows & businesses’ events.


Measuring performance

We shall link businesses’ videos to their website, upload to Youtube, Facebook & business information page on

Within effective period of advertising contract on, each 3 months we send peformance measurement emails (online accesses) on, youtube for business’ evaluation.





  Editing & executing videos supplied by businesses from
from VND 10,000,000
Photo videos
from VND 12,000,000
Custom Video
from VND 17,000,000
Premium Video
quoted by survey result
Professionally produced video No Yes Yes Yes
Scriptwriting & voiceover Yes Yes Yes Yes
Editing & production No Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited amendments No Yes Yes Yes
Flash videos Yes Yes Yes Yes
End frame No Yes Yes Yes

Measure performance

No Yes Yes Yes
DVD Version Yes Yes Yes Yes
Professional shoot No No Yes Yes
Custom graphics No No No Yes
Location based No No No Over 1 place
Industry professional film-making team No No No Yes
Project Director No No No Yes
TV Broadcast quality No No No Yes
Optional Extras        
Video hosting No Yes Yes Yes
Additional video version No No Yes Yes
Additional location No No Yes Yes
Additional shoot No No Yes Yes
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