Social Networks are approaches which excel hope, your customers will be attended by the quickest way. Not only YPM simply advertises but also helps your brandnames to connect directly to customers 24 hours continually. Network administrators will receive comments, judgments, even complaints about products & services immediately, whence we have accurate evaluations to improve products & services & attract customers


We can build for you:

Facebook Business Pages (YPM Social)

With over 1 billion members all over the world, Facebook is not only a fad, but a new trend. Besides a perfect tool for trading, Facebook helps you to create a big quantity of loyal customers for brandnames & to improve service quality. Coming to YPM Social, Facebook fanpage of your businesses will be optimized by professional design line – up, have weekly lively posts, be advised by specialists monthly.

Google+ Local Pages

By Google’s survey, 97% customers make actions of searching information relating to domestic products & services & comments, evaluations about them. Why are your products found? YPM Social helps to complete your product information into Google+ Local Pages, ensuring business information updated fully.

With Google+ Local Pages, YPM Social connect you with many local products & services where you are trading. YPM Social specialists will design your Google+ Local Pages optimally, help your product & service lists easily to be found on Google Search & Google Map.

Utilizing Google+ Local Pages, YPM Social helps you to have a complete website both on PC & smartphones. Potential customers will easily detailed information about products, services as well as contact time, working hours & other information.

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