About yp.vn

Nowadays, the convenience of searching information on internet cannot be denied. So simply with some keywords & clicks, we completely approach rich information source. However with over-abundant information quantity the search on engines like Google, Bing…proves ineffective when you want to find details about a certain business, product, service, telephone number.

Understanding this problem, yp.vn brings to users an excellent search tool specialising in exploit business information generally as well as each telephone subscriber, classification individually, becoming the connecting bridge between businesses & customers & bringing accurate information source for users.

Why should we use yp.vn?

Nowadays yp.vn is the most effective local search tool.

Online Yellow Pages website first appears in Vietnam, a member of VNPT, only website having accurate information source from VNPT with good information quality, top position among Yellow Pages websites in Vietnam.

YP.VN supplies information about units of Government-Economic-Social & Residential sections nation-wide including names, classifications, addresses, telephone numbers, fax, emails, websites, products, services, photos, guide maps & other advertising contents of businesses.

Customers can search by names, classifications, products or stationary telephones.


Why should we advertise on yp.vn website?

Các hình thức quảng cáo

    The first-rank Yellow Pages website in Vietnam with over 1 million accesses a day, yp.vn supplies the most suitable advertising solutions for each business so that its product & service information could be found fastest.

yp.vn specialises in supplying information of businesses, products, market…so yp.vn helps businesses to advertise to right target customers, that is people really need information about businesses’ products & services.

When advertising information on yp.vn website, businesses’ information will appear first more outstandingly & customers easily recognise them than others’.

  Businesses’ information will be found easily on search engines as Google.

  Advertising on yp.vn also is a form so that customers might remember businesses’ brandnames with very reasonable expenses.

Many advertising forms suitable to businesses’ demands.

Besides, main using subjects of yp.vn are people always using computers, age from 18 to 45 & office personnels take majority. This potential customer quantity is for both customers having industrial products & consumers. Advertising on yp.vn both turns to right potential customers & saves expenses. Why do you not try?

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