Let businesses’ information reach 950,000 people receiving Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages yearly.

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Reasons to advertise on Yellow Pages

 High distribution quantity
        950,000 copies of Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages Books are distributed free annually.

 Rich & accurate information
        Over 62,000 businesses, 600 classifications are updated continuously from VNPT database.

 Yellow Pages is known by many people
        The unique Yellow Pages books of VNPT received Vietnam Records about the highest free distribution quantity in Vietnam (Vietnam Books Records Center issued).

 Participated in YPM service system
        Business information will appear on all products & services of YPM.



Key to improve advertising effect on Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages Books

 Choose correct classifications
        Choose correct classifications among 600 of Yellow Pages suitable for businesses.

 Impressive advertising slogan
        Advertising slogans have to highlight features customers can bring to customers.

 Adding photos into advertisements
        Lively photos are important factor to attract viewers’ interests comparing to next one. Do not use too many words in the advertisements.



Price list

We have many forms, sizes & positions of different advertisements suitable for businesses’ budget.

And other attractive promotional programs.


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