Let businesses’ information reach 950,000 people receiving Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages yearly.

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Main content

 Yellow Pages

- Fast-find Index (Vietnamese-English-Chinese) with over 600 classifications helps to find quickly & conveniently.

- International advertiser list.

- Social-economic section telephone directory by classifications (including customers’ advertisements).

 White Pages
         - Business information Fast-find Index by alphabetical order (Vietnamese-English)
        - Telephone Directory of Government –administrative units nation-wide.

 Necessary information



Distributing quantity

950,000 copies including 50,000 Top Suppliers copies (all businesses participating in YPM service system).

 Distributing scope
- All units of Government-Social-Economic section & residential subscribers with using demands in HCMC.

- Potential businesses in Ha Noi & other cities/provinces.

- Foreign businesses participating in YPM service system.

- Hotels, resorts (by room numbers)..



Printed data

Stationary telephone subscriber data are supplied officially from VNPT & other sources.

Over 62,000 stationary telephone subscribers of Government-Social-Economic section mainly in HCMC, potential businesses in Ha Noi & other provinces, foreign advertisers.




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