Steps to build websites

To have a website, you need to proceed these steps:

Step 1: Registering domain name

- Domain name like an address (house number) & it is unique on internet.

- On internet, registering a domain name is the first thing to do. Domain name both asserts your location helping your customers easily to find your website and protects your brandname on internet.

-  If you have not registered your domain name, we are ready to help so that your domain name is maintained & protected.

Step 2: Webhosting

- Webhosting is a space on servers with internet services as ftp, www…& you can obtain website content or data on it.

- YPM will consult & supply webhosting with reasonable expenses, ensuring your website to work quickly & stably on internet.

Step 3: Designing website

Depending on businesses’ needs, each website has different functions & complexity. Our experts will analyse needs & propose the most suitable solutions & help you to own a quality website, ensuring to advertising your brandname-images on internet with the most suitable expenses.

Step 4: Maintaining vividness of website

Your website, after being built, has to be updated information regularly to ensure its vividness. After designing, we supply account for you to self-update & managing website by the most simple way. If you do not have managing personnels, we will support to update & manage website with very low expenses.

Step 5: Advertising website

For the most effective working of website, besides printing website address on company’s namecard, introducing to friends & relatives, you can advertise on mass media, trading networks, newspapers, websites…We also support to advertise your business’ websites on website & other social network websites to increase website effectiveness.

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