Domain name is the name, brandname of business, individual, product, service in internet world. However, domain name is not included in adjusting scope of Intellectual Property Law & anyone can own his or other’s name/brandname in internet world legally.


According to international customs & rules of VNNIC (Ministry of Information & Communication), domain name is unique & preferentially issused to anybody registering first. All Vietnamese domain names are to be registered & issued by VNNIC & protected by the law of Vietnam. In urgent cases of losing administrative rights, VNNIC can intervene & support.

Reception of registration procedure & fees are authorized by domain name registration agents included YPM.

Domain name registration procedure

Via domain name which business has registered on internet, users easily access information about products & services of businesses. Domain name has various formats, recognized by many standards, in which international domain name is .com & national .vn.

With 3 simple steps beneath, YPM helps businesses quickly to register & own brandname domain name:

1. Check & choose domain name here here.
2. Send registration information.
3. YPM assigns staff to contact & finish the procedure for you.

Domain name registration files

For businesses, files included:

1. Domain name declaration form.
2. Contract (YPM sample).
3. Photocopy of business trading permit (with photocopy confirmation).
Right after receiving full domain name registration files & fees, we shall check account & activate domain name. We shall transfer domain name managing account after 24 hours after receiving customers’ payment. This transfer shall be made by email.

In case of Vietnamese domain name, when customers register & finish procedures, they will be issued domain name certification. This will be sent to you by post or by hand after registering.

Important notes when registering & using domain name

Domain name is brandname on internet of businesses, it is unique & issused by preferential order for first registering bodies. If registering late, business’ domain name can be owned by opponents. To build & protect brandnames, businesses should check & register as soon as possible.

Domain name owners  bear all responsibilities relating to domain name information, activity management & guarantee to obey rules of the law of Vietnam.

Owners actively pay domain name maintenance fees. Usually before expiry date of 30 days, we shall notice by email or telephone for businesses to pay fees.

When changing domain name managing information, businesses fill in appropriate information changing forms & send to us. Domain name managing information must be accurate to avoid the loss of domain name when information sent to wrong addresses (sender’s address, emails) of owners.

We shall carry out all from domain name registration, website design, webhosting so that businesses couldown a professional website without knowing about designing websites

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