SEO is an acronym for the phrase Search Engine Optimization
SEO is understanding the method or set of methods to optimize
the website make the website more friendly to search servers
in order to improve the ranking of your website on search engines
like Google, Yahoo, Bing ... when a user searches for the keyword related


What is the role of SEO in online marketing?

SEO is also regarded as one of the areas of marketing, communications and advertising and marketing as a profession or for those who work to optimize search equipment, given the optimal method for website .

• Through SEO, administrators can put their website on top position in SERP (Search engine result page - search results page) with the relevant keywords to increase hits and competitive with rivals .

SEO is a separate work, a very independent, but sometimes one of the advertising campaign management. If you are aware of the importance of SEO, the administrator will reap success, earn huge client resources from the search engine.

• The term SEO can also be used to refer to those who work to optimize search engine, is the advice given to optimize the project for the client's website.

• Currently, SEO jobs in Vietnam are increasingly popular, it is considered as a money-making enterprise, a work full of thinking or a field of creative art

For businesses on the Internet, the fight for top position in the ranking of search engines is extremely important

• Most Internet users use search engines every day and can only look at the first page of search results. So if a customer is looking for your site, and you happen to be listed on the second page of search results, will be less likely customers visit your site.

How does Google decide the order of search results?

Google uses more than 200 criteria to determine the order of search results and the exact algorithm is a secret - the same thing happened with the search engines of Yahoo or Microsoft. However, these criteria are split between on-page elements such as text and actual content, and other factors beyond the site include the number of links from external websites

How to get the site search engine to link?

Google SEO guidelines publicize his. First, make sure your website is search engine known, this means that there is a "spider" crawling on automatic content of your site and put it on the map.

Since then, the optimization depends on the combination of the editorial and technical. Basically, the content, especially the title should describe the content, use keywords that customers often use. Some websites may try to "trick" Google, or by downloading the web pages with too many irrelevant keywords, or through intermediary sites have links that have no content at all

Having to pay to be ranked higher in the search pages

You can pay for the site sponsor (sponsor link), but it is a costly way to get customers, especially if you have had a lot of customers. SEO focuses on the impact on the search results list system.

You can pay for an SEO expert to advise on how to increase your rankings, but you can not directly pay Google to appear in the rankings.

An important part of SEO is to identify key words and repeat them in the title, the prologue and the website address. The link to the other post from the home page is also effective. Because the homepage is often the search engines to know more. Photos and videos need to be attached to the relevant keywords for search engines to find.

Does reliance on a search engine is too dangerous?

The greater risk is that when the search engines to modify their search criteria, like GoCompare discovered this year. Website compare car insurance rates for one night only dropped from page 1 to page the results of 7 with "car insurance", this has seriously affected their business operations.

It is said that Google has received a suspicious action GoCompare for buying links - an act that Google has always opposed.