Why do we need to have websites?

Internet in Vietnam is breaking out, more & more people know technology, it is evident that each business has a website-and if you do not have, you really can stand outside online competition.


Majority of small businesses think they do not need a website. However in fact it is contrary: they do need a website.

Playground level

On internet, all websites are treated equally-either you are a big company with 500 personnels or a small business with only one person, all has space when appearing on screens of visitors-the problem is how you use that space. All people have the same technology, the problem is how to use it intelligently afterwards.

New behaviours

Now when searching information almost everyone thinks about internet. Internet gives us all information from simple to complicated & using support…Therefore if you do not have a website, you will lose an opportunity to introduce products & services to consumers.

Your business has bigger approaching ability

Your business will be accessed from all over the world, therefore you will have more quantity of readers. No other advertising means has such global coverage.

Knowing  your customers’ needs

Website is a wonderful place to receive your customers’ feedbacks & potential customers. You can use surveys & sample boxes for visitors to answer questions, help you to get valuable market information from your customers.

Helping your customers

Depending on your company’s products & services, you can supply usage guides for customer reference without disturbing you, hence your customer support personnels can focus on sales, wasting no more time to answer & guide customers.

Reducing marketing expenses for you

One of outstanding feature of a website is quickly & easily changing information when your business has changes. Printing documents need changing have to print & reprint waste expenses; website allows you to change or add regular products & services just by some actions.

Testing new products & services

Internet supplies quick & easy ways to carry out market research with low expenses. A questionnaire on website or by email can check quickly & free a product about its popularity.

Being free advertised

Able to be free advertised when other websites & blogs linking to your website. By the way when a website is designed nicely, people input relevant searching terms in a search engine, your website will appear in a list & potential can find your website.

Creating passive income

Many people surf web in the evening when nearly all businesses close. This is a chance to have passive income: you can create an online store allowing customers order & pay for chosen products without your presence.

Advantages of having websites

- Infinite advertising. If you have ever advertise on newspapers, printed matters, broadcasting or TV stations, surely you know how big that expense is. If about 150 million people access internet regularly, customers can inform your business any time & any places with a computer connecting internet (an equipment which anyone uses at this time).

- Chance to associate & cooperate on internet is very big, on international scope your website is a namecard which you can use everywhere to develop your trade.

- Website allows you easily to receive customers’ feedback. Customers can fill in simply-designed feedback box , telling you about your products & services.

- With website your company opens 24 hours a day. This means you do not close on holidays or Christmas…Whenever & wherever customers can see your goods. When others want to know time, location, any information about your company, they can receive these information without disturbing you.

 - Low staff expenses. When you have a website, you can sell your products & services without hiring more personnels. You do not have to pay any extra sum for new recruit but maintaining sales turnover & services.

- Create a well-organised company image. Internet is the most effective way to create any image about yourself which you want. All is in your hand. You just design a professional website, add content of supporting customers & immediately your company has its own image. How small your company is, it is no problem, just having aspiration, you can build your company image as a big group on internet.

- Saving postage & printing expenses. Think how many cards you will send to your customers about your sales. All can be reduced by posting sales information on website.

- Improve perfect communication system & customer service. You can contact your staff, supplier via website & anyone can see updated information without contacting you directly.

- Present on web along with your opponents. You should think that internet like Telephone Directory. More & more people use websites to find information, buy products & services. If you are not there, your opponents will be there. If you are not in Telephone Directory then how your customers find you?