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Outgoing Service

1081 Contact Center carries out surveys, market researches … to collect information about attitudes, impressions, viewpoints, evaluations of customers, serve for customer care services or new product, service development for businesses.

Telesales, Telemarketing:

Businesses want to use telephones to introduce products, services to customers & increase their presence in customers’ minds.
Businesses are having  big quantity of products, services to sell & want to utilise as a new marketing & sales channel besides traditional ones. Let us become a sales & marketing line-up inside you.

Survey & market research:

Suitable with market research companies, companies want to conduct a survey from one or many customers in a fixed period. Outgoing service for professional market research of 1081 Contact Center helps you to find the most correct answer for your question which you want to know about your customers.

Why should we rent Telesales, Telemarketing, market research services?

Businesses will save time & money to focus on production, trading activities for themselves because service renting expenses is lower than when businesses themselves pay for operation.

      - Businesses do not need to care about the works as recruitment, staff training, management& execution because 1081 Contact Center will help businesses to carry out step by step, from plan establishment to offer suitable solutions & enhancing service quality for businesses’ customers.

      - Besides renting these services, this allows businesses to focus on marketing & main sales activities.



We shall carry out full package of customer care, marketing, telephone sale for businesses:

Recruit, train & manage telephonists to work for businesses.

Rent equipment (IP phones, contact center): for businesses have telephonist line-up.

Rent package (IP phones, switchboards, computers, staff, offices): opening a switchboard at 1081 Contact Center with necessary equipment, professional well-training on businesses’ requests.

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