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A member of Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group (VNPT), the first organization published the Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages, throughout 20 years, Vietnam Yellow Pages Media JSC (YPM) constantly has invested, researched, created to supply people & Vietnamese business community with the most modern & convenient products & services, deserving an organization with first-rank prestige in Yellow Pages & online advertising media.

Vision & Mission:

 Vision: Becoming the first-rank supplier of local business information with supporting multimedia services.

Mission: Bringing successes to customers & benefits to society by reliable local business information searching system with user-friendly interactiveness. The system of effective integrated solutions & media means..

Core value:

  - Creativeness is vitality.

  - Trust is foundation.

  - Responsibility is engagement.

  - Solidarity is strength.

Business Scope:

- Compiling, designing & publishing Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages in prints, CD & websites.

- Consulting, designing & prepressing advertisements on goods printing materials; Consulting about professional competence of marketing, sales, designing, editting; Building strategies of marketing advertising, product advertising.

- Services of design, printing, prepress, market research, conference, seminar, fair, exhibition organizing & supplying information of using Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages by (08) 1081 & internet.

- Trading advertising services on Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages & other commercial advertising forms.

- Services of accessing, processing data & information on internet; Services of exchanging electronic data & supplying information content on internet..

Trading in real estate, renting of offices, houses, houses for trading purpose (kiosques, trading centers), warehouses.

Products & Services:

Service system of Yellow Pages Media is combination of traditional & new services strength according to focus trend of Society – Location – Mobile (SOLOMO), with best desire to meet demands of people, businesses in searching information of businesses, products, market.

From the first version, Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages to now, YPM has supplied for customers many advantageous services as Information Answering by 1081 Contact Center, Yellow Pages website www.yp.vn, Yellow Pages website on mobile telephones m.yp.vn, Yellow Pages service on internet Saigon TV…, an important bridge between businesses & businesses, businesses & consumers.

With the norm “Professional – Effective – Quick – Accurate”, not stopping here, Yellow Pages Media has & being continued to exploit & develop in other media & advertizing fields, deserving “ Bridges on market – Effective & Prestigious”.

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